The Law of Law

I am Dr Pravin Jeyaraj. In April 2011, as a PhD student, I organised a one-day methodology workshop on the dialectic method, The Law of Law: Dialectics in Critical and Socio-legal Research. My interest in dialectics started when I began reading Hegel as part of the research for my PhD in Law at University of Westminster’s Law and Theory Lab. The idea behind the workshop was to present a range of legal researchers covering the different readings of the dialectic method, not necessarily Hegel’s dialectic. Here was the result (well, sort of, there had to be some juggling on the day, due to speaker’s own schedules – this was my intended result).

All videos are the copyright of University of Westminster and accessed from the university’s Youtube page.

Property, Recognition and the Body

Brenna Bhandar – Hegel contra Hegel: Plasticity, Body and Form
Henrique Carvalho – Terrorism, Recognition and the Political Community
Alejandros Colas – The Dialectics of Territory in International Relations
 Postmodernism and Critique
Alan Norrie – Different dialectics, difference and legal judgment
Joseph Tanega – Why there is no forgetful functor in the law?
Alberto Toscano – Real Abstraction and the Dialectic
 The Dialectics of Humanity
Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos – Critical Autopoiesis and the Infinity of Paradox
Kay Lalor – Making different differences: Representation, Rights and Sexuality

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