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A Christmas gift for you

Dear Green PhD,

I wanted to put this gift under the Christmas tree for you to open on 25th. But I was so excited to share it with you, as I am with Christmas in general, that I couldn’t wait. So here’s your Christmas present early.

But first, I just wanted to say that I did not pay for it. Indeed, I am passing on a secondhand gift which someone else gave to me. I have always treasured it and I am sure you’ll agree that it has not lost its value.

So, seven years ago this month, I finally accepted God’s gift of a place in his home through the forgiveness of our sins. And all it cost him was a temporary exile from his home to be born as a human baby, live as a human and be executed in the most tortuous method of the time. Fortunate be came back to life, went back home and is waiting for us but he’ll be back one day to take home those who accepted his gift. This is why I like Christmas…although the classic songs, Christmas lunch, Queen’s speech, time with family and their presents and being able to give them presents make it worthwhile too.

Perhaps that doesn’t seem like much of a Christmas present. I agree, sometimes it does seem that Santa can bring much flashier presents. So I am also posting this video of Taryn Southern’s letter to Santa for your enjoyment.

Please do let me know which one you prefer. So that I know for next year.

Happy Christmas,


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