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Bin Laden, the Royal Family and Chinese walls

You know when someone is running low on ideas when they decide to write about the hits to their blog. A bit like when TV shows decide to do a ‘clips’ episode, where the storyline is basically about the cast remembering what they did in earlier episodes.

I have been ‘seriously’ blogging since November. In that time, there have been 919 views of the home page. Obviously, the Royal Family and Bin Laden scored quite highly, taking first and third place respectively. But what I find really strange is that the second most popular post was on the issue of NHS reforms and conflicts of interest. ll my other posts received less than 100 views.

In terms of what people were actually looking for when they came across this blog, by far the most popular keywords were “duchy of cambridge” and “does bin laden exist”.

Most of the visits to this site came from tini.cc, which appears to a URL shortener site. I assume therefore that people are using it to send links to my site to others. After that, people are coming from the WordPress tags and Twitter. Obviously, blogs that I have commented on and whose posts I have reblogged are another key source too.



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