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So if you’ve read my post on drive thrus, you know I’m not a huge fan of them. But I also know that it gives me power that I wouldn’t otherwise have. I won’t make you read all of that again. Unless you haven’t read that post. And if you haven’t. Shame.

Though one thing I didn’t write about was the fact that it can get kinda lonely in that cubbyhole of a drive thru. Other partners are running around on the floor, making drinks, being awesome, and there’s lil ol’ Kaldi. Left alone in the dark back corner of the store dealing with disembodied voices in the headset. I actually started singing that Celine song “All By Myself.” I only stopped when I heard the dreaded DING.

So I need stuff to do in drive thru while I’m there alone. I need entertainment. Oh sure. I could do my…

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