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It’s been a while since I’ve posted because I’ve been quite busy. I have an transfer/upgrade interview for my PhD tomorrow (essentially so that the university can know that I can get a PhD and not just an MPhil). I’ve also been involved with a new student academic law journal, Westminster Law Review. (I am on the committee.) But I wanted to share with you this post from a person who, in my view, is the best blogger I’ve ever read. She had just given her first ever speaking gig.

Originally posted on Tamára Out Loud:

I had the black notebook, the gunmetal nail polish, and the red stilettos. My supremely talented friend at Sew in Harmony had tailored my jacket to say, “I’m professional and casual, all at the same time!” I had just enough nerves to give me energy and just enough confidence to give me calm.

The Killer Tribes Conference was a great place for my first speaking gig– a talk I titled “Embracing Your Niche: It’s Not As Dirty As It Sounds”– because I was surrounded by blogfriends who supported me. This also made it a great place for some messing around:

My friend Leanne Shirtliffe (IronicMom.com) couldn't make it from Canada, but she sent her world-traveling Things 1 & 2. We got close.

My friend Erin Love Taylor did an incredible job of designing business cards for me when I contacted her at the very last minute, and they greeted each guest to my session, along with a little chocolate-peanutbuttery persuasion:

When I say I'll bring the candy, I'LL BRING THE CANDY. Also I'll force my contact info on you. But it will LOOK GOOD.

New and old friends showed up to hear my…

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