The Law of Law

In April 2011, I (with the help of my superviser) organised a one-day methodology workshop on the dialectic method, The Law of Law: Dialectics in Critical and Sociolegal Research. My interest in dialectics started when I began reading Hegel as part of the research for my PhD in Law at University of Westminster. The idea behind the workshop was to present a range of legal researchers covering the different readings of the dialectic method. I originally wanted to arrange speakers according to the chronology of the origin of their particular reading (e.g. Classical, Hegelian, Marxist, etc). Due to the availability of speakers, I had to settle for the usual arrangement of a series of panels of speakers. Here was the result (well, sort of, there had to be some rejigging on the day, due to speaker’s own schedules – this was my intended result). For more information about workshop and abstracts of presentations, please see the Workshop programme.

Property, Recognition and the Body

Brenna Bhandar – Hegel contra Hegel: Plasticity, Body and Form
Henrique Carvalho – Terrorism, Recognition and the Political Community
Alejandros Colas – The Dialectics of Territory in International Relations
 Postmodernism and Critique
Alan Norrie – Different dialectics, difference and legal judgment
Joseph Tanega – Why there is no forgetful functor in the law?
Alberto Toscano – Real Abstraction and the Dialectic
 The Dialectics of Humanity
Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos – Critical Autopoiesis and the Infinity of Paradox
Kay Lalor – Making different differences: Representation, Rights and Sexuality

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